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Drive a Flashier Car with Custom Lights

One of the flashiest ways to customize your vehicle is the installment of custom lights. You can give your car a luxury appearance by upgrading to LED or HID headlights, a funky feel with headlight and under the car lights, or a futuristic look with halo lights in Atlantic City. But customizing the lighting on your car can also improve safety. Our showroom boasts a large selection of options for you to view, and our MECP-certified team has over 25 years of experience installing custom lighting.

Chevy truck with underlights

Upgrade Your Lights with HID and LED Lighting

Customizing your headlights will give your car a luxury feel. There are numerous options for improving the look and function of your car’s lights. Our team is MECP-certified. We have the mechanical and electrical expertise needed to perform complex changes to your vehicle’s lighting. Among them include:

HID and LED Lights

HID lights and LED lights are brighter and provide more clarity, making navigation of dark and remote areas easier. They can be installed anywhere, including the headlights and underneath the car, and in virtually any color.


Halo Lights

Halo Lights are circular lights inside your headlines. They have a futuristic appearance. They are also visible even in direct sunlight. We can install halo lights in any color you’d like.

Tinted Lights

We can also tint your existing lights. Tinting them won’t reduce their safety or effectiveness.

Undercar Lights

Adding lights under your car looks cool. But it’s also safer. You’ll cut a sleek and highly visible path on the streets.

Custom Housing

If you want to add a little flair to your headlights, we can add custom housing in a variety of colors.

We Have 25 Years of Experience in Our Industry

AutoWorld offers superior products and customer service to our clients. We’ve been customizing vehicles for over 25 years, giving us the experience needed to deliver the results you expect from us. We can beef up your sound system with state-of-the-art subwoofers, add flair to the interior of your vehicle with custom floor mats and accessories, install sophisticated navigation systems and remote starts, and install rear seat entertainment systems, so your children are entertained during trips. Visit our showroom and view our high-quality products.

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