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Boost Your Comfort with a Remote Start

Remote starts have become increasingly popular with car owners. Newer models have built-in remote starts. Installing a custom remote start can be an alluring option for owners of older cars or SUV or truck owners dissatisfied with the quality and range of their factory remote start. Remote starts add an added layer of security as they are considerably more secure than tradition key or key fob options. Installing a remote start can also boost your vehicle’s resell value, returning your investment on both the remote start and your car.

remote start remotes

Our Remote Starts Can Integrate with Your Smartphone

Even if your car has a factory-installed remote start, there are some good reasons to upgrade your system. Factory options have a limited range. A custom remote start will let you start your car from the comfort of your sixth-floor office. If you’re home and you have to run errands, you can start your car and finish your movie. It’ll be ready and waiting for you.

Smartphone Integration

You can control the exact temperature of your vehicle and keep track of its whereabouts with smartphone integration.

Conquer the Cold

Nothing beats entering an already warm and toasty vehicle on a frigid New Jersey morning. Starting your car from your home or office allows you to melt any snow or ice that accumulated on your windshield, windows, and headlights.

Communicate with Your Vehicle

Most factory remote starts only communicate from you to your truck. Two-way communication allows your vehicle to send a signal that your car has started, that your truck’s air conditioning is on, or that your SUV’s defrost is working on melting snow and ice.

Mitigate the Scorching Heat

Summer days are great for the pool or beach. But they’re not great for the climate inside your car. Investing in a remote start allows you to run the air conditioner long enough to cool the interior of your vehicle, steering wheel, and the upholstery.

It Is Impressive

You’ll feel like James Bond with a high-tech addition to your vehicle. Your guests will appreciate the convenience and bells and whistles that come with a trip in your car.

Visit Our Showroom and View Our Remote Starts

Our current ownership team believes in protecting AutoWorld reputation for outstanding customer service and a wide array of high-quality products and options. We have over 25 years of experience, and our technicians are MECP-certified. We’re passionate about the work we do at AutoWorld. Visit our showroom to see what we offer you, and be sure to ask about our lifetime guarantee.

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