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Accessorize Your Vehicle at AutoWorld

AutoWorld is to place to go for automobile accessories in Vineland. We sell floor mats, steering wheel covers, entertainment accessories, seat covers, and steps for trucks. We have a fully-stocked and expansive showroom and staff members who are knowledgeable and certified to work on your vehicle. Adding small flourishes to your car should be fun, and we’re the place to visit.

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Add a Vehicle Wrap and Boost Your Company’s Profile

Accessorizing your vehicle can have both aesthetic and practical applications. From brightening up the interior of your car to making it easier to get into your truck, AutoWorld sells high-quality products that will enhance your vehicle.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a great way to get the word out about your business. We can add advertising to your personal or commercial vehicle. We want to help you grow your business.

Side Bars

We install side bars. Getting in and out of a large vehicle can be cumbersome. Side bars are an incredibly convenient addition to your truck.


We’re experts at installing LED and HID lights. Most older cars still use halogen bulbs. We know how to not only install brighter LED and HID bulbs, we also know how to convert a lighting system meant for halogen lights to one that can accommodate LED and HID bulbs.

Tonneau Covers

We want to keep the contents of your truck bed safe. Adding a Tonneau cover is a great way to do so. Our staff members can install it for you.

Floor Mats

Factory mats are boring. Replace the dull browns, blacks, and greys with a fire red or burnt orange floor mat.

Cleaning Products

Keep your car clean with power cleaning products.

We Love to Improve Your Vehicle

We also sell hitches, weather tech, and bumpers. In addition to accessories, we sell and install back seat entertainment centers, amplifiers and subwoofers, and review cameras. Come to our showroom and see why AutoWorld has built a reputation for superior customer service and high-quality products.

Our owners, Lou Villianueva and Robert Blunt are both MECP-certified. They’re passionate about cars and genuinely love to work on yours. Whether you want your windows tinted to keep your car cooler during the hot summer months or a remote starter to save you unnecessary trips outside during winter, Ryan, Robert, and the AutoWorld team are here to customize your ride.

Would you like to see our work?

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